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Client Testimonials

Chingford, London

15 years ago, I was diagnosed with colitis and fibromyalgia, I had to give up my job, which I had trained hard for. Apart from the financial strain, I missed my work so much as it was so important to me. I found it very hard to sleep at night and when I was sleeping, it was broken. 

My first Rife therapy was great, I loved being with Penny as she listened to all my ailments and personal issues before I began. The therapy was very intense, not painful, but my body did respond to the treatment, and after the first few sessions, I needed to rest. I was made aware of this and took the advice given. I have drastically changed my diet as advised by cutting out the wheat, diary, carbs, and sugar. I haven't found this too difficult, and my weight has dropped significantly. I know that this was putting additional pressure on my body.

I am now able to do so many things that I haven't been able to do for years.

➢ Waking up at 7am (not dragging myself up at 11am) and getting ready for the day

➢ Walking the dogs regularly sometimes twice a day

➢ Cleaning the house

➢ Shopping

➢ Play with the grandchildren

➢ Swimming

➢ Light work

➢ Driving long distances

I am on my 10th session of Rife Therapy, I am clear of colitis, my pain has eased significantly, and my energy levels just keep climbing! My mood is better. I feel so much happier an more content.

Even though I am not pain-free all the time, at least 80% of the time, I am able to live my life with so much more ease. It is a miracle that this treatment is available, and it definitely works, with diet and supplements a little exercise.

Thank you, Radiate Health!

Hayes, Kent

Before starting Rife, I constantly felt tired and lifeless. I work full time with a busy home/family life and felt like I was dragging myself from one day to the next. This feeling had become my new norm, and I didn’t think it could be any different, I believed this was just life now since reaching menopause age. Weight gain and high blood pressure were also a constant battle.

Since starting Rife, I can truly say my life has been, and is being transformed. The energy and sense of well-being I’ve felt is truly unbelievable. I feel overwhelmed with thankfulness and have a peace that helps me through my everyday life. On top of this, it is helping with my high blood pressure, and I’ve been able to change my diet and lose weight with the guidance of Radiate Health. I cannot recommend the treatment enough, the care received at Radiate Health - it is life changing.

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