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We have specifically designed packages combining Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy and Magnetic Vibration Technology to target common conditions or assist with general wellness. 

If you are suffering with multiple or complex conditions, we will design a custom made package just for you.
Whether it be a custom made package or a pre-built one, the key aim is to restore imbalances in your body, boost your immune system, create an environment for your body to heal itself.

Our Approach

Step 1

Address the Acute

With Electromagnetic Therapy we can target the acute condition(s) and symptoms with targeted, specific frequencies.

Step 2

Investigate the Cause

We look to understand what could be causing the condition and / or associated symptoms. 

We will also look to detox the body and reduce the toxin exposure. 

Step 3

Support the Body

We will use a variety of therapies, review your diet and recommend supplements, pre-biotics, vitamins and minerals to support the body on its healing journey.  


Individual sessions - £70 

Discounts may be available for multiple / longer sessions. 
Please enquire when you request a consultation. 

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