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The term Natural Cancer Treatment is a broad one and encompasses many modalities. 

Working with the body, rather than introducing synthetic biochemicals, is preferable for many people today. The benefits of Rife Therapy for cancer patients are:

  • Non-invasive 

  • Non-toxic

  • Minimal side effects

An important factor in many natural cancer treatments is detoxification,  and this will greatly ease the workload on the liver and kidneys.

Whilst there is no magic bullet to handle the onset of cancer, either conventionally or alternatively, there are a number of natural options for treatment which, either by scientific studies, testimonials or empirical observation, have proven to be helpful in the fight to reverse this condition.

Because of the large variety of cancers, it should be noted that a supplement or therapy that works well with one form does not necessarily have any real support or efficacy for some other forms.


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